Arcade fire got robbed at the golden globes last night


јебеш Турк лобању. Срамота заједно Босанци и грчке олош. Срби јеби цео дан. српског бољи од свих Турк сере. косово заувек

say “Yeah!” to a bad word

reddit ABCs

A - atheist
B - brony
C - child porn
D - does anyone else get hungry sometimes?
E - epic
F - fedora
G - gif from 4chan
H - hamas did nothing wrong
I - impact font
J - jon stewart
K - kony
L - le
M - minecraft
N - no makeup
O - original content do not steal
p - president obama
Q - quit facebook
R - repost
S - slenderman
T - today I learned wikipedia has information
U - upvote
V - valve
W - when does the narwhal bacon?
X - linuX
Y - you mad?
Z - zionist conspiracy

do you even drift

do you even drift

It’s official: Call Me Maybe is the #1 meme of 2012

TIME Magazine - It was the catchy tune of the year, but Carly Rae Jepsen’s hit single might have disappeared into the black hole of cheesy one-hit-wonders had it not been for Justin Bieber’s stamp of approval.

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